Thursday, 15 April 2010

Talking with my mother about Iron Man 2

The following is a rather amusing conversation I had with my mother this morning...

Me: Have you seen the trailer for Iron Man 2 yet?
Mum: OOH no, is it good? the first one was wonderful

Me: Yeah it looks great, though they have screwed up Black Widow slightly for me
Mum: Who?

Me: Scarlett Johansen s character in the film
Mum: Oh is she in the film? terrible actress

Me: yup, she plays the Black Widow a character from the comics
Mum: Is there an Iron Man Comic?

Mum: What? *laughs* I dont know

Me: Yes he is in a comic, he is one of the Avengers, well used to be... its hard to explain.
Mum: Who are the Avengers?

Me: A team in the comics *tries to think of someone she would know* Captain America and Spiderman are in it
Mum:Oh I never liked Captain America, but I like the Spiderman movies

Me: *sigh*
Mum: what dont be mean, you know I am silly about these things.

Me: Its ok, your lucky your not talking to Chris about it *laughs* (chris being Final Arrow)
Mum: why?

Me: Cause he would get mad at you
Mum: never he loves me

Me: ok *laughs*
Mum: Anyway why dont you like Scarlett in Iron Man

Me: the character Black Widow is a Russian, she does not have a Russian accent
Mum: oh, well thats silly, now you have ruined it for me

Me: *laughing* sorry but it does look good
Mum: Oh good, oh who was Samuel L Jackson being at the end of the first film

Me: Nick Fury
Mum: Who?


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